Update on Repps Road works

Here is the latest update from Cripps Developments:

“The dates and phases below are only a guideline and not set in concrete as so many things have an impact on our work. The work at the moment is going to plan and going well as you can see on site these lots going on. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information or if you would like a walk round of the works your always welcome.

Phase 1 – 12/02/24 to 08/03/24

Phase 1 – The entrance to Repps Road Loop at the Coop will be closed although access to the car park will be retained as the eastern end of the loop will remain open.  The bus stops on Repps Road will be suspended and moved temporarily and these locations are clearly shown on the “Phase 1” TM Plan.  TMO has designed the plan under 2 way traffic signals on Repps Road during this phase.

Construction during Phase 1

Reconfiguration of the Junction in accordance with NCC Highways, necessitating closure of the junction by the Co-op Store.  The junction will be changed as per the drawing provided including new crossing points and refuge island and footpaths. 

There will be the installation of a new S/W drainage system including2 new gulleys, S/W catch pit and pipework towards the existing Highways S/W drainage ditch.

The conclusion of Phase 1 will be the permanent reinstatement of the wearing course of the road surface & footpaths and white lining, and the re-opening of the Repps Road loop junction on the 8th March.

Phase 2 – 11/03/24 to 15/03/24

Phase 2 – Please see TM Plan attached, which will include 3 way lights with a head on Marlborough Green Crescent. The bus stops remain suspended, however the east bound temporary stop is brought closer the the original suspended stop.  The West bound temporary stop remains where it was during Phase 1.

Construction during Phase 2

Completion of S/W drainage run into the existing  Highways S/W drainage ditch.  Break out the road co complete, reconstruct both the road and the footpath and also carry out the construction of a sandbag headwall in the drainage ditch

Phase 3 – 18/03/24 to 22/03/24

Phase 3 – Requires the closure of the eastern end of the Repps Road loop, as per the TM Plan – no traffic signals required.

Construction during Phase 3

To complete the scheme, there will be the construction of 2 pedestrian crossing points with tactile tiles. Should we conclude work ahead of schedule we will ensure the junction is reopened straight away.”

Phase 1 works map:

Phase 2 works map:

Phase 3 works map: