Great Yarmouth Core Strategy

Please Note: The summary given below is of a 150 page document is centred on housing and therefore has omissions. To read the full document please click here.

The Core Strategy Document been approved by a government inspector  and has now been adopted by GYBC. This document sets out the vision for the Borough of the next fifteen years. The main points are set out below:

  • During this fifteen year period there is a target of at least 7,140 homes to be built. The Borough is divided into five areas and an approximate percentage of the new homes is given for each area. Martham is part of the Primary Villages group along with Belton, Hemsby, Hopton on Sea, Ormesby St Margaret and Winterton. The Primary Villages Area is scheduled  take approximately 30% of the development target. (Note that this will not be an even split as some villages have constraints on available land)
  • In Martham there will be an aim of 20% for affordable housing on all developments of five or more houses.
  • Land allocated for light industry will be protected unless it can be proven that it is not required. In Martham this includes land on Hemsby Road near the existing light industrial units.

The Core Strategy sets out many more options about tourism, industry, retail and many other subjects please do take the time to read it. For those that wish to have a look at the detailed submissions, correspondence and the Inspectors report there is a page on GYBC website:

What does this mean for Martham?

As part of the Core Strategy the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment was prepared showing sites within the Borough that could be developed. Martham was a part of this and the map of Martham is shown below. Also in the document was a list of the numbers of houses could be built on the sites. ( Note: The most up to date version of the SHLAA I could find on the website is dated 2015 and this is the one used below.)



SHLAA Table 2014

There will be an updated version of this as part of the Core Strategy but this has yet to be published.

Progress on the above sites as of March 2018

  • MA 03 Land to the North of Repps Road
    Presentation given to Parish Council Feb 2018 by Landpro. Outline application to be submitted.
  • MA 04 Land Behind Marlbourgh Green
    No application or consultation taken place.
  • MA 10a Clarkes Farm
    This area was originally marked red, but during 2016 it changed to green so is missing from the table above. Consultations will begin in 2017 concerning this site. Presentation given Parish Council Feb 2017. Public consultation due in March. Planning Permission applied for 55 houses
  • MA 10b Mushroom Farm Site
    Public Consultation taken place, Full Planning Permission applied for 100 dwellings August 2015. Full planning permission granted 5th April  2016 for 100 dwellings. Developer Persimmon Homes, demolition and preparatory work being undertaken March 2018, note that there will be NO affordable homes on this site due to high costs of cleaning up the site.
  • MA 10c Land north of Hemsby Road
    Presentation to Parish Council October 2014, outline planning permission for roads only December 2014. Going before GYBC Development Committee  8th March 2016. Outline planning permission granted 8th March 2016. Developer Norfolk Land Ltd. December 2016 – Now up for sale.
  • MA 13 Land behind Marlbourgh Green
    No application or consultation taken place.
  • MA 17 First School Site
    Nearing completion 11 dwellings. Vicarage being built. Developer Badger Builders. Completed Dec 2016
  • MA 18 Broiler Farm East
    Public consultation taken place. Outline Planning permission applied for Nov 2015, Granted May 2016 55 dwellings. Developer Amber Investments.
  • MA 19 Walnut Tree Avenue/Alder Close
    Completed 9 dwellings. Further two under construction and full planning permission for a further three applied for, going before GYBC Development Committee 8th March 2016. Permission refused 8th March. Resubmitted June 2016. Passed August 2016.
  • MA 28 Land behind Rising Way
    Presentation by Badger Homes to Parish Council January 2016. Badger Builders pulled out  May 2016. Outline planning permission applied for 144 houses August 2016. Many matters reserved. To go before GYBC 8th Feb 2017. Now includes new roundabout on Repps Road. Outline planning permission granted Feb 2017.