View, comment or appeal a planning application:

Note: Proposed developments will not be available until they are submitted as planning applications.

Martham Parish Council is not a planning authority. It is, however, asked for its comments  by Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the Broads Authority for applications in respect of the Parish of Martham.

The Clerk receives the applications, and once received these can be inspected at the Parish Office.  If the deadline for response is before the next Parish Council meeting then an extension is sought so that the full Parish Council can view the application, and Parishioners have the opportunity to speak to the Council at the meeting before comments are returned to Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

All plans are notified on the front page of this website, and on the facebook page, when they are received at the Parish Office. View our most recent posts.

If no extension can be obtained then a working party is in place to respond on behalf of the Parish Council.

Objections raised have to relate to a material planning consideration.

Members of the public who are affected by planning applications should respond directly to either Great Yarmouth Borough Council or the Broads Authority as appropriate.

Planning Application Check List:

Any conflict with the Borough Plan.
Contrary to Local Development Framework.

Special Design:
Conservation area or tree preservations orders.

Loss of socially beneficial use, have previous applications been refused.

Site Considerations:
Over development.
insufficient garden.
Incompatible with design of existing buildings.
Threatening a public right of way.
Insufficient parking spaces.
Loss of wild life, rare plants, etc.
Destroying traditional field patterns.
Public sewers inadequate.
Risk of flooding.
Health threat due to land contamination.

Overlooking adjoining properties.
Blocking natural daylight.
Noise, smells, disturbance, unsociable hours.

Dominating nearby buildings.
Conflicts with surrounding building patterns.
Conflicts with character of area.
Inconvenience to pedestrians.
Road system inadequate.
Prejudice highway safety.
Adverse effect on economy.
Better alternative sites.

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