School Numbers

One of the recurring concerns about development within the village is that the schools will be unable to cope with an influx of children caused by more houses. There is a formulae for working out the likely number of children of different ages any development will generate.

Now 100 multi-bed houses generate the following:

  1. Primary School – 26 Children (5-11 years)
  2. High School – 17 Children (11-16 years)

The planning process looks at how many places are available at the existing schools. The figures below are taken from GYBC planning site and are dated May 2015.

School Capacity On Roll Spare Places
Martham Primary 420 331 89
Flegg High 950 811 139

Using the above figures it would take an additional 300 houses to fill Martham Primary and an additional 800 more houses to fill Flegg High.  Flegg High also takes pupils from surrounding villages and so many of the houses could be built in other villages.