Repps Road Update

” I have obtained a copy of the footpath works currently taking place on Repps Road with the junction of Cess Road.

I have spoken Vince Smith, who is running the site, and he has explained what is happening. He is happy to talk to people at the site.

This is part of the works was agreed by Cripps Developments as part of the planning for the Repps Road development with the planning authorities. The path is being widened at the junction, this will slow traffic traveling eastbound when turning onto Cess Road, and to make it safer for pedestrians to cross to access the bus stop.

Dropped kerbs are being installed with tactile paving at the pedestrian crossing points. The new pavement is shown in yellow on the plan, and it will extend all the way along the edge of the green where it will have dropped kerbs and tactile paving for crossing the North side of Repps Road at the “village” end.

The part of the new footpath that is shown in red, runs across a “no dig” zone, to protect tree roots. The path here will be a plastic grid with infill. The existing path on the Co Op, DIY side of the junction, as will be resurfaced as will the junction itself.

The work also includes running a new drainage pipe across from the junction into the existing drainage ditch on the other side of Repps Road. Businesses are open as usual.”

Bob Fossey. Chair, Martham Parish Council