Policing update;

Weekly crime summary 2 December 2015

As we have now entered December it seems acceptable to mention Christmas!

Yesterday we started a month long campaign of increased high visibility foot patrols in both Great Yarmouth and Gorleston. These are a preventative measure to help reduce shop lifting, theft from motor vehicles and target pick pockets.

It is also to actively target those that we know are prolific offenders in our area. These patrols will be in addition to the regular retail officers patrolling the town centres.

It’s a timely reminder to shoppers to be mindful of their own personal security and to keep a close eye on belongings.

· Please do not have your handbag loosely over your shoulder where it can easily be snatched, keep it fastened up and close to or across your body

· When getting money from the ATM be mindful of who is behind you. Stand close to the machine, keep your PIN entry covered and place the cash immediately into your purse or wallet

· Keep a close eye on your bags and purchased items, it is easy to get distracted by all the Christmas festivities and lose track of where you may have placed your shopping bags whilst you pay for another item or look at a display leaving them an easy target for thieves

· Do not leave purchased goods on display in your vehicle either during or after your shopping trip, these are an easy target for thieves. Keep valuable items out of display locked safely in the boot and take them straight indoors when you reach home

If you see anything suspicious or feel vulnerable or threatened contact the Police on 101 or dial 999 for an emergency