Policing Update;

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood

Weekly crime summary 12 January 2016

At present we are suffering a spate of shed and outbuilding burglaries in the area. These buildings are often left insecure or with old or damaged locks that are no deterrent to offenders.

Following a few simple measures can improve the security of your shed or outbuilding and make life difficult for thieves:

· Good security lighting works well but as some break ins are carried out during daylight hours shed alarms can also be purchased which will sound when a break in is taking place.

· Outer perimeter security also needs to be maintained making access to the shed harder for any offenders, so keep fences in good order and lock any gate access.

· Fit quality mortice locks or padlocks, ideally in two places on the door, to reduce the leverage available

· It is a good idea to keep details of high value items such as bikes and lawn mowers, take photographs, note the make, model and serial number and also ensure they are added to home insurance cover.

· Overtly mark your property with your house number and postcode – permanently marked property is less attractive as it is difficult for a thief to sell.

If you notice any unusual activity you can contact police on 101, or if you believe a crime is actually in progress please dial 999. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

There are many useful home security tips on our websitewww.norfolk.police.uk or you can request crime prevention advice by contacting your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 and asking for Richard Wolsey, Crime Reduction Officer for Great Yarmouth.

Winter weather

Norfolk Police are advising motorists to be aware of the wintery weather that is forecast for later this week. Sleet and snow showers are expected, which can result in driving conditions deteriorating fast and make driving hazardous. Please note the following advice:

Make sure all your car lights are working and you have no failed bulbs. Ensure that dirt, salt and snow is cleared away from light fixtures.
Always ensure all windows are fully cleared of any snow, frost and condensation before setting off on a journey – it is illegal to drive with obscured vision.
Clear any snow from the top of the car as this can fall down and obscure your windscreen while you are driving.
Keep windscreen washer fluid topped up as windscreens quickly become dirty from traffic spray and salt from the roads.
Make sure you have sufficient fuel for your journey. Keep the fuel tank topped up.
Give yourself extra time for your journey and drive at a constant speed. Accept your journey will take longer and don’t take risks.
Take a mobile telephone with you and make sure it is fully charged. Carry a mobile charger in the car.
If you get stuck in the snow stay with your car, but in an emergency if you do need to leave it, park it out of the main traffic route, where it won’t cause an obstruction when conditions ease.

Leave a contact number on the inside of the windscreen and return to your car at the first opportunity you have.