Grant for Great Yarmouth Community Housing Tenants:

Financial help and support is available for GYCH (Great Yarmouth Community Housing) Tenants with Fuel/Utility debts/bills, we have a £10k grant to spend. So far we have only spent £755.00, do you have any tenants struggling to heat their homes or have utility debts?

· Are any of our homes suffering with damp conditions? Is this because the tenant is struggling to heat the home?

· Are you aware of any tenants with utility/energy debts or moving into a new home that needs financial support to negotiate payments on an old energy debt, new energy payments?

· New tenants/existing tenants may need support to part fill an oil tank, a water bill, heating or sewerage arrears?

· Gas service overdue – Is this overdue because of a debt and no credit? Could we help the tenant?

There is a criteria for funding, we will consider other circumstances and they will need to work with DIAL to improve finances to receive the funding. If permission is granted from the tenant to refer to DIAL please email so they can contact the tenant direct to obtain all the details and discuss if they are entitled.
What have we achieved so far?

· Filled an oil tank for £277.99

· £410.10 paid to GYCH sewerage charge

· £68.00 paid to reconnect gas meter

Please provide name, address and contact details and mention energy grant enquiry to DIAL