Parish Council Election;

Have you ever considered becoming a Parish Councillor and being more involved in the work of the Parish?
Martham Parish Council will be standing down this year, and a newly formed Council will take their seats at the Annual Meeting on the 18th May after the election on the 5th.
Broadly speaking to stand you must be over 18, and an elector of the Parish – there are other disqualifications and qualifications that the Clerk can help you with if you are interested.
The next Parish Council meeting is on the 17th February 2016 at 7.30pm at the Community Centre and this would be a good opportunity to see the Council in action.
The Council meets monthly except for August, on a Wednesday evening, and Councillors are expected to keep abreast of legislation and paperwork in order to inform their decision making, training is available.
The Clerk is there to support and inform the Council and Councillors, to carry out decisions taken at meetings and ensure that the Council paperwork and accountancy practices are in order.
If you would like to discuss membership of the Council, eligibility of standing for Office, the work of Councillor or how to stand for election please do contact the Clerk on 01493 749938 or
More information on the election will be available as it gets nearer.