Grant for Great Yarmouth Community Housing Tenants:

Financial help and support is available for GYCH (Great Yarmouth Community Housing) Tenants with Fuel/Utility debts/bills, we have a £10k grant to spend. So far we have only spent £755.00, do you have any tenants struggling to heat their homes or have utility debts?

· Are any of our homes suffering with damp conditions? Is this because the tenant is struggling to heat the home?

· Are you aware of any tenants with utility/energy debts or moving into a new home that needs financial support to negotiate payments on an old energy debt, new energy payments?

· New tenants/existing tenants may need support to part fill an oil tank, a water bill, heating or sewerage arrears?

· Gas service overdue – Is this overdue because of a debt and no credit? Could we help the tenant?

There is a criteria for funding, we will consider other circumstances and they will need to work with DIAL to improve finances to receive the funding. If permission is granted from the tenant to refer to DIAL please email so they can contact the tenant direct to obtain all the details and discuss if they are entitled.
What have we achieved so far?

· Filled an oil tank for £277.99

· £410.10 paid to GYCH sewerage charge

· £68.00 paid to reconnect gas meter

Please provide name, address and contact details and mention energy grant enquiry to DIAL

Seeking Information:

The Parish Council are interested to know who may have owned, or occupied, the property known as 17a The Green from 1986 through to 2003.

If anyone has any knowledge of this please can they contact the Clerk on 01493 749938.

Vacancy for Parish Councillor:



Notice is hereby given that by reason of the resignation of Councillor Murrant a vacancy has occurred among the members of the Parish Council.

Any person willing to fill this vacancy should apply to the Clerk in writing on or before the 5th February 2015.

The applicant’s name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish.  The applicant must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor.

PUBLIC elections cannot be held until the year 2016 but for the interim period election to the aforesaid Council will be voted for by the present sitting number of Councillors.

Mrs Sarah Hunt

Clerk to the Council

5th January 2015

From the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Norfolk:

Norfolk’s PCC Stephen Bett will soon have to decide whether to increase or freeze the policing element of Council Tax – and he wants to know what you think.

It is very clear that the financial position remains bleak. It is also clear austerity will be with us until at least 2020 and the Government shows no sign of protecting policing.

While we work with less and less, demand on policing continues to increase and change.

The challenge of tackling cybercrime is a prime example of where we have to respond to a modern threat and that response comes at considerable cost.

There is also unprecedented demand in areas such as rape, serious sexual offences and child sexual exploitation as people feel more confident to come forward. In order to do right by the victims, both in terms of investigation and in providing support, we have to have the resource.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has said Norfolk Police has done an outstanding job in managing its efficiencies to this point, but there is much more to do.

The Chief Constable has already spelled out the savings that will have to be made even if we do increase the Council Tax. We will inevitably see a reduction in the number of police officers and PCSOs.

Before I make any decisions on whether to raise the precept, I want to hear your views.

Please take the time to have your say via my short online survey or by coming along to one of two public consultation events planned for later in the month.

Stephen Bett – Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

Details of January’s consultation events:
Hear from your PCC and Chief Constable about the funding challenge and their priorities for the coming year:

Monday 19 January 2015, 6.30pm start

The Council Chamber, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich NR1 2SF.

Wednesday 21 January 2015, 12 noon start
The Assembly Room, Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, Kings Lynn PE30 5DQ

If you have any specific requirements to enable you to take part in one of these meetings, please get in touch with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk by telephone on (01953) 424455 or by email

To register a question to be answered at one of the public meetings, please

Copyright © 2015 Office of the Police and Crime and Commissioner for Norfolk, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Office of the Police and Crime and Commissioner for Norfolk

Building 8, Falconers Chase

Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0WW

United Kingdom

Repps Road Closure

We have a couple of Road Closures coming up:


Map Repps Road


ORDER prohibiting the use by vehicles of the C640 Repps Road from 40m west of its junction with C457 Rollesby Road for 100m in an easterly direction in the PARISH OF MARTHAM

1. Save as provided in Article 2 of this Order and whereas the Norfolk County Council as Traffic Authority for the Administrative County of Norfolk is satisfied that:-

(i) carriageway patching work is required at the C640 Repps Road from 40m west of its junction with C457 Rollesby Road for 100m in an easterly direction in the PARISH OF MARTHAM (hereinafter referred to as the said road) and:

(ii) that in consequence traffic over the said road should be prohibited with effect from 15th January 2015 to 16th January 2015 for the duration of the works expected to be about 2 days within the period.

2. Nothing in Article 1 of this Order shall make it unlawful for a vehicle which requires access, to proceed to a final destination situated within the length of road specified in Article 1 of this Order.

3. Where exceptional circumstances are encountered during the performance of the works specified in this Order the operational period of this Order may become extended to allow completion of the works. This Order has a maximum duration of 18 months and will be revoked upon completion of the works.

NOW THEREFORE the Norfolk County Council DO HEREBY ORDER, that with effect from 15th January 2015 to 16th January 2015 for the duration of the works the said road SHALL NOT BE USED by any class of vehicle.

Dated this 8th day of January 2015

Victoria McNeill
Head of Law

Road Closure:

We have a couple of Road Closures coming up:

NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL has made a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the C454 Martham Road from its junction with C454 Collis Lane for 2000m in a westerly direction in the PARISH OF MARTHAM because of carriageway patching work.

The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 12th January 2015 to 14th January 2015 for the duration of the works, expected to be about 3 days within the period.

Alternative route is via: C454 Hemsby Road, C640 White Street/Somerton Road/Martham Road, C643 Winterton Road/Somerton Road/Bulmer Lane/Hemsby Road/Winterton Road/Kingsway, C454 Yarmouth Road/Water Lane/Martham Road (Somerton/Winterton/Hemsby/Martham).

(If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the Order).

Penalty: £1000 maximum fine on conviction and/or endorsement for contravention.

In the event of the start date being delayed the new start date will be displayed on site in advance.

The person dealing with enquiries at Norfolk County Council is Adam Mayo (Environment, Transport and Development) Telephone 0344 800 8009.

Dated this 9th day of January 2015

Victoria McNeill
Head of Law