Update 21st Sept 2015

Detailed plans have now been submitted to GYBC planning department for the Mushroom Farm Site by Persimmon Homes. A copy of the overall plan is shown below but you can also download a PDF of the plan here.

Here is a brief summary of what the plans show:

  1. Provision for 100 houses of mixed types. One Bedroom = 3, Two Bedroom =10, Three bedroom = 54, Four Bedroom = 33
  2. Demolition of 10, White Street, the overgrown white house at the entrance of the site to provide a wider access to the site.
  3. 232 Parking spaces.
  4. Blocking of Back Lane at the junction with White Street to vehicles, pedestrian access to be maintained. NCC have indicated their approval for this. For a detailed plan of this please click here.
  5. New zebra crossing to be constructed on White Street to the south of the new entrance to the estate.
  6. New electricity substation.
  7. New sewage pumping station on southern boundary of site.
  8. Three ‘public open spaces’ approx 4,200 sq metres.


Mushroom Detail