Community SpeedWatch Martham

Who are we?

We are volunteers and local residents

What do we do?

We carry out speed monitoring sessions at various locations in the village well within the 30mph speed limit. All the sites have been assessed and approved by the Norfolk Constabulary Community Speedwatch team: Before starting a CSW session, Community Speedwatch signs are placed in designated positions. The signs are to make you aware of what we are doing and as a courtesy, they are not a legal requirement.

We record the details of vehicles travelling above the threshold speed limit and forward the details to the Community Speedwatch team at Norfolk Constabulary. The speed detection device we used is provided to us by Norfolk Constabulary. It can record the speed of vehicles travelling towards us and travelling away. from us.

Why do we do it?

We, along with other concerned residents in the village, want traffic to slow down when travelling through the village. The speed and volume of traffic has increased in recent years, adversely affecting the safety and quality of life for residents. We don’t want to catch you, please, slow down and drive within the speed limit. We are aware that speed isn’t the only factor in road traffic collisions, but it does have a serious impact on the consequences.

Speed awareness – SAM2 Signs

The SAM2 is a small sign the detects vehicles and flashes up a positive or negative message depending on the speed. Anonymous speed data is recorded by the sign, to inform future enforcement action.

We have received funding for one of these signs for use in Martham.

The sign can only stay at a given location for a maximum of four weeks, and then cannot return there for another eight weeks. Sites must be agreed with Norfolk County Council and the Police. 

We are currently waiting for a response from the highways engineer. They have to agree the locations where the SAM2 signs can be used. The sign will be moved across multiple locations.

Community SpeedWatch and related activities to address speeding in the village are being run by Bob, our Chair. 

Volunteers are always welcome

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