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Independent Living Skills courses starting September 2019

What is the ‘Healthy Food Healthy Lifestyle’ Programme

The ILS team are pleased to announce that the new ILS programme will be delivered at 15 venues right across Norfolk starting this September 2019.

Courses run in 3 x 10-week blocks and they are FREE.                                              Living Healthy – 10 weeks.  During this course you will develop the following skills: How to improve your healthy eating habits, Plan healthy and nutritional menus on a budget and see a balanced diet looks like.  Build coping strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Help build your confidence. Build conversation strategies.

Living Creatively -10 weeks. This course will help you develop a selection of skills which combine the study of art, art using textiles, creative writing, poetry, printing, music and communication, visual arts and drama. Participants will learn alongside people who have similar experiences to develop the ability to expand their knowledge and ability and to unwrap their hidden talents and abilities.                                                                                                                   

Living Positively -10 weeks This course is designed to develop healthy eating and healthy living options through a series of workshops with trained professionals who will guide you through practical techniques and strategies and help you expand your collection of healthy meal options. You will learn gentle ways to improve fitness, lose weight and tone the whole body. These short sessions are suitable for people of all and abilities and for people with health concerns.

Participants will also practice mindfulness and well-being. To improve awareness of ourselves

To find out more about how Independent Living Skills courses can make a difference, contact: